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Playgroup Support

We provide administrative services to 16 registered voluntary sector Playgroups and Nurseries.  We  provide assistance to them as follows:


  • Support
  • Recruitment
  • Financial Services
  • Training

Support to Management Committees

  • Support parents with their roles as Management Committee Members.
  • Attend Committee meetings.
  • Assist staff and parents to prepare for an AGM.
  • Advise on fundraising, grant applications and required record-keeping.
  • Advise on development of policies and procedures.
  • Advise on training for all staff and Committee Members.
  • Assist Management Committees to understand the registration and inspection of their groups so that they can fulfill the conditions of Ofsted.

Recruitment Services

  • Work with parent Management Committee to draw up relevant documents.
  • Advertise posts in local newspapers and our newsletter, giving Early Years Network Tower Hamlets as a point of contact.
  • Assist in shortlisting and interviewing.
  • Advise on interview techniques and questions.
  • Assist staff to identify training needs of new staff members.

Financial Services

  • Give information to Management Committees on their financial responsibilities and Charity and Employment Law.
  • Assist with budgets and grant applications.
  • Monitor income and expenditure on wages.
  • Assist with preparing all documentation in order for grant installments to be paid.
  • Maintain all PAYE records and operate PAYE system for group.
  • Deal with all communications from Tax Office.
  • Complete all end-of-year tax documentation for groups, e.g P11, P35, P60.
  • Provide information for inclusion in the annual accounts.


Training for playgroup staff and Committee Members

  • In order that staff may provide a quality service and meet the requirements of current legislation and funders, we provide training to staff and management committee, ensuring that this is run at times for the convenience of staff, parents and Committee Members.


If you would like further information on:

  • Setting up Playgroups
  • Support to the Management Committee
  • Recruitment Service for Playgroup Staff




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